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A relatively small number of Van Klinken’s (vK’s) emigrated between 1870 and 1970; at first to America and later to Australia and South-Africa. Those who are interested in their Dutch ancestors may welcome a small abstract in English of the book “Van Klinken, Families and Naamgenoten” (2007). With a little effort you may be able to retrieve your or other families in Sect.5: Register van namen".



Roots of a very old name.

The vK name dates back to the 11th century in the Netherlands and Germany in variations like Klenck, Clinke, Clencock, van Klenken, ….The history is fascinating, as I tried to sketch in the added figure with columns indicating a European networks of influential families in the remote past. The name went extinct in the five columns to the right, but appears again in the two columns to the left for the Dutch provinces Zeeland and Groningen. There the vK-families blossom lively but by modal citizens: no heraldics, no patricians or nobility. Klenck is name-related and most likely not family-related. In Groningen the relation probably originated when Johannes Ebels (1729) and Agneta Bouwina Van Klenk (1703, widow in 1738) knew each other as members of the same protestant church in the village Veendam. Agneta Bouwina was the last Van Klenk (or Klinken) descendant with that patrician name. In 1811 it became obligatory by Dutch law  to adopt a family name.  Johannes Ebels’ son Ebel Johannes then chose deliberately the otherwise extinct name “van Klinken”.  Before 1811 the use of a family name was often considered as somewhat presumptuous in the province Groningen. In Zeeland, however, it was already much earlier customary to use a formal family name.

The oldest parental sequence of ancestors in the province Groningen with dates of birth:

~1660 Claes Hebelen, married with Hillejen Luijes in 1686 /Hoogezand

  1686 Hebel Klaassens, married with Jeltje Johannes in 1712 /Kyl Compagnie

  1729 Johannes Ebels, married Goukje Hanssens in 1755 /Borger Compagnie, Veendam

Johannes and Goukje have two sons: Ebel (1764-1823) who adopts the vK-name in 1811 and Klaas who died at early age in1799 leaving two sons Johannes (1793-1857) and Jan (1799-1833), called “van Klinken” at their marriages in the 1816 and 1824.


Van Klinken’s in other continents

Emigration to America starts  at the end of the 19th century in various lineage lines:

1764 Ebel1801 Johannes1832 Ebel1863 Jacob1891 Geert1915 Geert vK with daughter 1918 Hilly X Sprong to Canada; and 1928 Johanna X Reynolds going to Australia.

1764 Ebel1803 Willem1849 Willem1876 Klaas vK daughter 1927 Aaltje daughter  1931 Hennie X Kugel emigrating in 1966 to South-Africa –Pretoria.

1764 Klaas1799 Jan1823 Jacob vKFour of his children emigrated already around 1880 to USA-Michican, followed later by their mother and father. One of  the four children, Bareld vK (1860-1913), later returned to his homeland, but his linage continues as:

1860 Bareld1880 Jacob1917 Hendrik vK, who went with his family in 1957 to Canada-Ontario. Resulting names in North America: Smid, Van Klinken, Anderson, Ebert, Timmermans, Bourdeau, Bond, Chiarot

1793 Johannes1821 Albert1850 Johannes vK and his family leave around 1890 via the harbor of Amsterdam to the USA, state Washington. Besides Vanklinken’s his offspring includes names like Spreitsma (=Sprietsma), Orth, Myers, Kerr, Burnside, Noyen, Erickson, Klinkert, Bingaman. A grandson of  the above Johannes is Robert Vanklinken, described in the separate chapter above.



Three proud sons of John and Susie Vanklinken in the paradise of the USA Rocky Mountains.

Their grandson Robert Vanklinken felt in battle in 1944 near Eindhoven (see before). 






1764 Klaas1799 Jan1827 Johannes1865 Jan vKdaughter 1895 Tjitske vK1923 son Edo Jan Poel went in 1955 to Australia-Adelaide.

1764 Klaas1799 Jan1827 Johannes1861 Jacob1890 Johannes1928 Berend  vK going in 1951 to Canada-Ontario. Following names: Van Klinken, Torell, Provoost, Westlake, Benjamins, Black, Marion, Van Barneveld, Turkstra.

1764 Klaas1799 Jan1827 Johannes1861 Jacob1894 Lucas daughter 1921 Sienie vK daughter1956 Marjolein married in 1895 with McLachlin /USA-New York.

1764 Klaas1799 Jan1827 Johannes1861 Jacob1896 Geert1925 Arie vK and his family went in 1964 to Australia-Brisbane. Following names: Van Klinken, Backhouse,Ross, Williams, Adisson, Kessels.  A daughter of Geert, 1930 Janny vK, married Tom Bennitt and went to England-Bristol. Following names: Sully

1764 Klaas1799 Jan1831 Klaas1872 Hendrik1894 Klaas1920 Hendrik daughter 1941 Aaltje vK  X Den Hartog go in 1961 to Canada-Ontario


The Zeeland lineage goes father back in time, till 1590, but has comparatively less offspring:

1778 Adriaan Leendertse vK married with Maria Leunisse van der Vliet in 1802/Nieuwerkerk

1806 Leunis Daniel vK married with Marina Bom in 1827/Nieuwerkerk. Three children emigrate to the USA-Michigan-Grand Rapids: two daughters and a son:

1) Maria vK (1827-1878) married (1856) with  Pieter Ton, went in 1857.  

2) Adriana vK (1832-1909) married in USA with A.Heule and later with L.Klink.

3) Johannes/John vK (*1840) followed with his wife Barendina Lenderink and a daughter

    the two sisters in 1877. The children of John and Barendina died at young age.


The name "Van Klinken enters far continents.

America by:

Johannes vK (*1840; just mentioned; no surviving children) went             to MI- Grand Rapids

Johannes vK (*1850, KJoA) and his family leave around 1890 via the harbor of Amsterdam

             to the USA, state Washington

Albert vK (*1894, KJoAP) settled in the 1930-ties in USA East coast, later in Michigan

Hindrik vK (*1917,KJJc.BaJc8) went with his family in 1957 to Canada-Hamilton-ON

Berend/Ben vK (*1928, KJJo.JcJo10) went in 1951 to Canada-Ontario and started a family.

Aaltje vK (*1941,KJK.hk3.20) and husbaand Pieter den Hartog go in 1961 to Canada-Ontario.


To South-Africa without settling the name:

Leunis Daniël vK (*1917, Z1.1) and Catharina Barendina Vogelvang go with three

            daughters around 1975 to SA-Pretoria: three daughters.

Henny Levinga (*1951,EWWK1,2) grand daughter of Willem van Klinken (1849) lives

            with two sons (Kugel) in Lydenburg-Pretoria-SA


To Australia after 1945

Johanna/Jopie vK (1928, EJE.JcG10) maried with Jan Reynolds/Rijnders           

Margaretha vK (1914-1994; KJBaJoK7  married with Christiaan Kemper †1998/Thirroul

             NSW- Australie. They migrated in 1951

Edo Poel (1923; KJJoJan2.1), grandson of Jan van Klinken (1865) migrated with his

            family in 1955 and settled in Adelaïde.

Arend/Arie vK  (*1925, KJJoJcGA) Arie vK emigrated around 1955 with his family

            and settled in Taringa near Brisbane.


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 From an e-mail on 7-3-2012 by Gariann Wrenchy-Bingaman (KJoA.JoW2.5):

…..”Just writing to let you know that my uncle Gene Van Klinken passed away yesterday in San Francisco.  He died in his sleep of natural causes.  He lived a solitary life and loved his life as a sailor.  Alfred Tennyson's “Crossing the Bar” seems a fitting tribute”.              Gariann
Crossing the bar
Sunset and evening star
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar
When I put out to sea,
But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.
Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;
For tho' from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have cross'd the bar.

["Crossing the bar" refers to the death of a mariner. The phrase has its origin in the fact that
most rivers and bays develop a sandbar across their entrances, and "crossing the bar" meant
leaving the safety of the harbor for the unknown.]

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