5 Robert and Gariann

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Wolter VanKlinken  *1880 married Cora VanderCreek. Loomis-WA/USA. Three children:

1919 Robert VanKlinken, fall in WO2 on 20-09-1944 near Nuenen, Netherlands.

1922 Susan Jane (Susie) vK married John-3 Klinkert. They obtained as fifth child:

             1948 Cora Anne Klinkert, who married Gerald E. Bingaman. Their daughter:

                        1972 Gariann Michael Bingaman, who married John Wrenchey.

1934 Gene VanKlinken


Gariann has been and is a major informant on the Vanklinkens in the paradisiacal Rocky Mountains of the USA, state Washington. Robert vK was her uncle. In 1995 she stayed with us for a few days when making a trip in Europe. Later she wrote:

"I spent most of my school years in Twisp Washington where I had a close relationship with both my grandmothers: Cora Vanklinken and Susie Klinkert. They gave me my love for history".

Gariann is an extensive traveller, starting as an exchange student in Australia" and becoming a school teacher. Later she married and went with her husband to Japan , teaching both English and history to mostly American families.  After a few years, they were stationed in the Middle East with the American community in Bahrein . In 2009 they participated in a get together of Van-Klinken's in Geldrop/Nuenen combined with a memorial day of the liberation of the Eindhoven in September 1944. It was in that neighbourhood that Robert was deadly wounded in battle.

Gariann gave us a few nice pictures from daily life in the late 1930's of her family in Washington DC. Robert was called "Bob". The picture shows the family with little Gene as a late comer.



               The family: Bob, Cora, Susie, Wolter                           Gene with his pet rooster.

                        and Gene VanKlinken.


An old family story. The register cited above names Gariann's grandfather John Klinkert, say John-3. The story starts in Germany with his grandfather John-1 Klinkert*, and finds a happy ending in America. This John-1 fell in love with a daughter of an exceptionally rich industrialist Thyssen. The Thyssen family was against; furiously. Their beloved daughter Magdalena was locked up into a cloister, but she escaped; was caught again, and escaped again with her John-1. They shipped secretly to America, leaving everything behind, burning all traces from Germany to avoid detectives still searching for them. In the USA John-2 was born. He became a gold miner in Oregon. His son John-3 still possessed the miner-cabin in the ghost town Gilbert.  He or Susy could still show it to the granddaughter Gariann. After WorldWar-2  the Klinkert family learned about a possible claim on part of the Thyssen inheritance, provided they could prove to be descendants. But all papers were burned.

* Strange and cute the VK-book mentions on p226(5) the name Klinkert in a  Dutch context



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